Its been 17 years since they were introduced and took the world by storm.  17 years of hard work, laughter, fun, love and bromance.  Thank you my dear Sakurai Sho, Matsumoto Jun, Aiba Masaki, Ninomiya Kazunari and Ohno Satoshi for sticking by Arashi.  Looking forward to more years!!!

Wish i own one of those pen lights which changes color according to the choreography, music, member or the flow of the concert! Looking forward to the day I see their concert live! For today...happy 17th year anniversary #Arashi!!! 💛💚💜💙


* Credits to all owners of these images :)

My First Arashi Gathering

Please indulge me in this fangirl moment 😊
Before i was a kpop fan, I was first an Arashi fan, but a silent one. Dont know other fans. So when i was invited to a gathering last Sunday August 28, though it's not really my thing, glad i joined because i got all a lot of goodies, my first Arashi merchandise (though unofficial, im not complaining), met other fans And it was fun!
Congrats to MJPH for organizing this!
Now, where do i put that huge sho tarp...

Happy 33rd Birthday MJ!!!

The reason why I'm this crazed Arashi fan after watching him in Hana Yori Dango almost a decade ago. Him being shogo ban in Bambino brought so much feels and inspiration.  I was so down in my career during that time.  To the stoic Domyouji and Sawada, to the weirdo miyama, to the half pinoy vito who made me cry so much, to the obedient Momo and i can go on forever...and lastly, To the creative director of all those high tech concerts, H! B! D! MJ!!!

so much love!!!

1st Time Coloring the Rainbow

So okay, I am a member of several communities and not really active in those communities except when reading articles or watching vids. Then there is this community who gives out points for participating in different activities. Hell yeah, I want to get my hands on some of the prizes but some of the activities are too difficult for me. Until this came along...

An activity to color a picture. And ARASHI logo at that! I mean, it was all the hype and trend for the last years and I never jumped on the bandwagon. My sister even bought materials and coloring books and I said I will try it...but never got into doing it. Until this...

So yeah, Im excited. I mean, it looks simple, it has points and its ARASHI! I printed it out and before I knew it, its the last day of submission. So here I am, panicking, doing my best to color (and make the Arashi colors prominent and equal) at 1:00 AM on a Monday which means, I need to sleep cause there's work the following day. But Ive started it and have to finish it.

The finished product ~ an artwork that seems to be done by a sleepy elementary student. haha! but filled with love...

Now thinking of resizing this and printing it out as a back cover for my smartphone.  At least its not pictures of the boys but still Arashi themed :D

"Healthy" Meals

Today, since it was Eid'l Fitr yesterday, it was declared a national non working holiday.  so the whole family was at home and we had lunch and dinner together.  I was tasked to use and prepare some of the healthy food sent by my cousin.  here there are!

Healthy Quinoa Mac & Cheese! Added 2 more kinds of cheeses to make it unhealthy. And this is only the side dish. My sister and parents are out buying pizza and chicken!

Unfortunately it tasted bad like in wheat-y and old type of taste.  even if it was showered with lots of cheeses, the cheese cant compensate for the bad taste.  good thing the serving size was small.

To add to our "healthy" lunch of S&R clam chowder, shrimp pizza, Fried chicken and "Quinoa" mac & cheese Healthy Option Sparkling Grape Juice!

This was really good though!!!

For dinner, And the pagkukunwari continues. Now it's white pasta with Organic Four Cheese Pasta Sauce. It will go well with our combo pizza of veggies and meat. A combi of healthy and unhealthy. Its called a balanced diet!

The sauce was okay, but not spectacular.  I think all of these can be bought at Healthy Options.  LOL

Entrance to the National Museum Now Free Forever

This is a good move but I don't agree due to sustainability. With lack of funds for the cultural sector, exhibits might deteriorate. At P150 for the working sector, P50 for students and free every Sundays, I think that's fair...

Will post in a separate entry our day trip to the museum :)

A Drug Free Phils at the Expense of the Poor...

I'm all for a drug free country. But i think the drug raids lately are bordering on human rights violation. It's like a killing spree of the masa, those who don't have the money to defend themselves. And no vids or witnesses to prove that the victims fought back that's why they were shot in the process.
And the generals named as drug protectors just got relieved from their posts? Putting so much power into the PNP's hands is just scary...

Rak of Aegis

so if the USA has Mamma Mia!, the Philippines has Rak of Aegis!

Credits to the owner

I was invited before by friends to watch this.  I always turned them down because my expectations were low.  I always think that it might be a rip off of Mamma Mia! or Cherie Gil's words ~ a trying hard copy cat because I really loved Mamma Mia!  Also, I used to think that Aegis songs were so corny...

however, as years pass by, Aegis songs are just those classic songs that you would like to sing to at videokes.  Those classic tagalog songs with the super high octave notes and rough voicing.  So I was thinking, yeah...maybe watching the musical wont hurt.

Unfortunately, all of my usual play watching companions have seen them.  I dont have anybody to see it with and I dont even know when it will run again.  Until an officemate texted that they selling tix for Rak of Aegis to be staged by one of the country's leading theater groups.  I grabbed on this chance.

Though the musical was a little long - almost 3 hours, it was still funny.  I especially loved the characters of Tolits and Jewel.  But whole cast was very good.  The theater was very small that even at balcony, we can clearly see the stage.  No regrets at all.  and P800, it was a steal!

Rak of Aegis ~ it RAKS!!!

Happy Birthday Nino!!!

My first entry regarding Arashi. I just need to express my love for Arashi. Since I limit my FB posts to personal matters, I go all out in Twitter for my kpop and jpos love.

Now comes Livejournal. why not?! sooo...without further ado...

Happy birthday to the forever baby faced, bratty soooo talented Ninomiya Kazunari!!!

*credit to owners of the images...

wonder how did he celebrate his birthday?

ooohhh sho, please dont be angry if i didnt upload any post during your birthday.  I will make it up to you some other way.  LOL <3

Mega Problem

Hi! can anybody help me? I have been using mega for several months already to download some videos. however, last night, i got this message:
Bandwidth quota exceeded
Your download could not proceed because it would take you over the current free transfer allowance for your IP address.
To enhance this limit, you can register an account. This will not only give you ample extra bandwidth but also 50 GB of secure storage space in the cloud – for free.
I am already logged in and I have been researching about it online and its said that it will refill after 10 or so minutes. My computer has been shut down for more than 6 hours and more than 24 hours since I tried using mega again but i still get this message.
how do i get to download again from mega? hope someone can help me. thanks!